Promotional giveaways are perfect marketing collaterals to get the word out and spread information about your brand and business. Which is why you need to be very cautious in designing your corporate giveaways. In fact, there are a number of factors that you need to take into account to create a winning and effective corporate giveaway for your target audience.

If you are deciding on the right design for your promotional giveaways, here are some things that you need to consider:

  1. Decide the items you will be giving


Brand activation experts say that the type of giveaway that you will offer to target audience will dictate the effectiveness of the material. It is a given truth that people like to get freebies no matter what they are, but target audience hanging into the promotional item is another story. Business owners should strive to attain the latter. When an audience decide to use your corporate giveaway over and over again, it means that you already pique the attention and you are now a familiar name in their household. So be very careful on the type of corporate giveaway that you will offer. Making sure that it is useful for everyday living is the best option.


  1. Look for the right supplier


Once you decide what kind of corporate giveaway would best represent your brand, you can now proceed to choosing the right supplier that would handle your lanyard printing in Dubai. Choosing the right supplier can affect the quality of your promotional items. Companies that offer customized giveaways should use high-quality material for mass production. You need to keep in mind that the corporate giveaway will be your brand’s representation on their homes, so you need make a favourable impression based on their visuals. Using top-quality materials would help create the impression that you want.

  1. Design to attract and remind


As mentioned, people like to get freebies but if they will hang on to it is a different story. The key to an effective promotional item is that it should pique the interest of the target audience 30 seconds after they got the material. But more importantly, you need to ensure that the design would remind them of your brand once they see even just the colors. Retention is important, especially if you are aiming for promotional longevity and effectiveness.

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