Online shopping can bring forth a number of benefits to shoppers. For one, you can purchase anything you like with just a few clicks. You can also save yourself from long drives, especially if you don’t have the time to spare for shopping for bean boozled in Dubai.

But there are also dangers that come with this convenience. In the recent years, a number of online shoppers came forward with their harrowing experiences with online shopping – from being scammed  to identity theft.

But buyers do not have to avoid online shopping because of these horror stories. By simply following these pointers, they can make purchases online without fear and hesitation:

  1. Update your credit cards


Back then, credit cards are quite easy to hack and defrauded since it lacked the security features needed for shopping. But in the recent developments, credit card companies updated their system and provided credit card holders with card that has rigid security features. Be sure to deal with credit card companies that offer fraud protection. These credit cards would refund customers of their money once it is proven that the card is used by unauthorized person.


  1. Check your statements always


Some people are not very keen on checking their credit card and bank statements. This is definitely a bad practice that you need to let go. Not checking your credit card statements will only make you vulnerable to fraud as you do not know whether your card is being used for unauthorized purchase. Keep track of what you buy online and check if the statement and your list are the same. If you noticed some authorized purchase, better report immediately to your credit card company before the next billing arrives.


  1. Shop on secured sites


Most of the victim of fraud and online identity theft came from dealing with unsecured sites. Make it a habit to check whether the online shop you are dealing with is legit and authentic. There are many ways to do this. First, check their server connection and look for badges of authenticity that can indicate whether they are legit sellers and suppliers.


  1. Know the terms and conditions


Returns and refund are common scenarios in online selling and buying of things like Decathlon online in UAE. As buyers, you need to know the terms and conditions of the site to know the process in case you will be returning an item or asking for a refund. Be sure to ask for a proof of payment or receipt to serve as your supporting document for returns and warranties.